Weekly Stock Market Prediction (21st Sept 2015 – 25th Sept 2015)

Weekly planetary position:

Stock market predictions for 21st Sept 2015 – 25th Sept 2015

During the week, Moon will be transiting in Sagittarius & Capricorn. Jupiter & Mars in Leo. Lord Saturn in Scorpio. Ketu in Pisces. Venus in Cancer. Lord Rahu, Sun & Mercury in Virgo. Pluto in Sagittarius. Neptune in Aquarius & Uranus in Pisces.

PLANET MERCURY, which controls our mind (Buddhi) is transiting in Virgo & will be in retrograde position from 17th September 2015 to 9th October 2015. Be CAUTIOUS, as one is likely to take wrong decisions, resulting in financial losses, depending on its position in individual horoscope. Technical Analysts / researchers can be worst affected (since Planet Mercury is significator of this profession). Persons with Virgo, Gemini & Pisces rashi / ascendant need to be extra vigilant.



HOSPITAL sector i.ie; Apollo Hospital, Fortis Health, Regency Hospital & Dr Agarwal Eye etc will continue receiving astrological support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week Lotus Eye Care, Regency Hospital & Fortis Health moved up by 13-14.5%.

LEATHER sector i.ie; Bata, Lawreshwar Polymers, Mirza International,Super House ect will too be getting astrological support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week – Super House, Bata & Lawreshwar Polymers moved up by 7-37%.

OFFSHORE sector i.ie; Duke Offshore, Aban Offshore, Alphageo, Dolphin Offshore & Jindal Drilling etc will also be receiving astrological support.

sector i.ie, Tastybite Eatables, Vadilal Industries, ADF Food, Umang Diaries, Usher Agro & Heritage Food etc will also continue receiving strong astrological support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week – Bombino Agro, Vadilal Industries, Umang Diaries, Heritage Food, Tasty Bites etc shot up by 13-30%.

TEXTILE sector i.e; Arvind, Century, Bombay Dyeing & Raymond etc too will be receiving astrological support.

Every year with commencement on new Samvat (Hindu New Year), astrologically, based on planetary position, certain new sectors start getting astrological support & outperform, while others remain laggard. Based on our experience of over 15 years as Financial Astrologer, stocks of such sectors outperform resulting in exorbitant gains irrespective of market behavior, either bull market or bear market.

During last Samavat 2071 among other sectors – FOOD PROCESSING & LEATHER sectors were predicted by us, received strong astrological support & out performed. For example in FOOD PROCESSING & LEATHER sectors, following stocks appreciated by over 100%.


Vadilal Enterprises (293 %), Vadilal Industries (275 %), Britannia (210 %), Milk Food (167 %), KRBL(162 %), Agro Dutch Industries(161 %), Hindustan Food (148 %), G R M Overseas (135 %), K LRF(124 %), Flex Foods (111 %).


Lawreshwar Poly (403%), Relaxo Foot Wear (396%), Mirza International (241%), Sarup Industries (228%), Super Tannery (185%), Tinna Overseas ( 136%).

Always be very cautious, when some main planets i.e. Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter & Lord Saturn are changing their houses. It may be that certain sectors which were continuously getting support for long time may stop receiving support due to change in position by above planets & stocks of those sectors starts coming down, resulting in losses. This is common reason, why most people loss money.

One should trade only in the stocks of that sectors which are getting very strong astrologically support.

Sectors which get very strong ASTROLOGICAL support are not normally affected by downfall in the market.

By Satish Gupta

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