Sensex - Nifty Astrology Predictions (17.07.2015)

Planets position on 17th July 2015 at 09:15am at Mumbai

Stock market predictions for 17.07.2015

Lagna, Jupiter & Venus in Leo
Rahu in Virgo
Mercury & Mars in Gemini
Saturn in Scorpio
Ketu in Pisces
Moon & Sun in Cancer

Moon Aspects

Tithi: Shukla Dvitiya
Nakshatra: Pushya
Navamsha: Libra

Moon trines Ketu.

Moon at 9:15 am signifies cusps number 11 & 12 through placement and lordship. Moon in the star of Saturn and sub of Rahu.

Hopeful traders will go for buying in steel, heavy industries, automobiles and petro-sector companies.

Persons having Leo & SagittariusMoon signs/Lagna (ascendant) may get financially affected today. They should refrain from money matters today.

We suggest the readers not to indulge in any kind of speculation like day trading, but invest astrologically as per their individual horoscopes for long term to gain profits.

Disclaimer: The predictions made herein are for information purposes and are not recommendations to any person to buy or sell any securities. We only use astrological analysis, so target are not based on any technical or fundamental analysis but only on the experience of an astrologer. Its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. The information provided herein is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities of any kind. The Astrologer and the company do not accept any liability for the use of this column. Readers of this column who buy or sell securities based on the information in this column are solely responsible for their actions. And author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anyone.

These astrological inferences are neither an invitation nor a suggestion/recommendation to trade in the stock market. The author, the editor & the publisher will not be responsible for loss of any kind. Kindly do consult your registered & authorized financial advisor before making any investments.

By Rajeev K. Khattar

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