Weekly Stock Market Prediction (6th July 2015 – 10th July 2015)

Weekly planetary position

During the week, Moon will be transiting in Aquarius, Pisces & Taurus. Jupiter in Cancer. Venus in Leo. Lord Saturn in Scorpio. Ketu in Pisces . Sun, Mars & Mercury in Gemini. Lord Rahu in Virgo. Pluto in Sagittarius. Neptune in Aquarius & Uranus in Pisces.

Stock market predictions for 29th June 2015 – 3rd July 2015

Jupiter which is one of the major planets stays in one house for about 12 months and it is changing its house on 14th July 2015 from Cancer to Leo . In view of this change in the Position of Jupiter, many sectors which were outperforming would lose the steam and new sectors would start gaining momentum. 

Be Cautious and thoughtful and avoid positional trades for some time.


PERSONAL CARE sector i.ie., Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, Godrej Industries, Emami Products & Godrej Consumers etc will also be receiving astrological support.

TEXTILE sector i.ie., Century, Arvind Mills, Raymond, Eastern silk etc will also be receiving astrological support.

HOUSING FINACE sector i.e., HDFC, I Bull Housing Finance, Gruh Finance, Canfin Home, Rapco Home & LIC Housing etc will continue receiving strong astrological support.This sector was predicted last week also & during the week – HDFC, GIC Home, Repco Home Finance, Canfin Home, Gruh Finance & IBull Housing Finance etc moved up by 5-17%.

AUTO sector i.e. TVS Motor, M&M, Ashok Leyland, Hero Moto & Bajaj Auto,will continue receiving astrological support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week – Ashok Leyland, Hero Moto,TVS Motor, Eicher Motor & Majestic Motors moved up by 2.13- 7%.

AUTO ANCILLARY sector i.e., Remson Industries, Motherson Sumi, IP Rings, Shivam Auto, Talbros Automotive & Lumax Auto etc will also be getting strong astrological support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week –Automobile Corporation, Jamna Auto, Jagan Lamps, Rane Engine, Talbros Automotive, & Enkay Wheels moved up by 9-20%.

PAINTS sector i.e., Asian Paints, Shalimar Paints, Kansai Neroloc, Berger Paints etc will continue getting Astrological support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week – Asian Paints, Kiri Industries & Jaysynth Dyestuff went up by 2.9-23%.

TECHNOLOGY & OFFSHORE sectors will also be getting astrological support.

Every very year with commencement on new Samvat (Hindu New Year), astrologically, based on planetary position, certain new sectors start getting astrological support & outperform, while others remain laggard. Based on our experience of over 15 years as Financial Astrologer, stocks of such sectors outperform resulting in exorbitant gains irrespective of market behavior, either bull market or bear market.

Always be very cautious, when some main planets i.e. Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter & Lord Saturn are changing their houses. It may be that certain sectors which were continuously getting support for long time may stop receiving support due to change in position by above planets & stocks of those sectors starts coming down, resulting in losses. This is common reason, why most people loss money.

One should trade only in the stocks of that sectors which are getting very strong astrologically support.

Sectors which get very strong ASTROLOGICAL support are not normally affected by downfall in the market.

By Satish Gupta

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